Increase efficiency with Ponniste 

Ponniste is a mobile platform that decreases waste and helps employees to focus on valuable work. By using Ponniste an employee can easily mark tasks started and finished, fill checklists and inform about error situations without leaving their workstation.

Collect deviation data

Mobile deviation forms are more diverse and easier to use than forms filled on paper. For example you can use pictures to clarify error situations.


Taking over error situations

By using Ponniste the employee informs about error situations without leaving their workstation. Management is right away aware of the error situation and can react to it immediately.


More benefits from ERP

Management can easily use ERP as their tool but for employees it might not be that easy to use. By connecting Ponniste to existing ERP, information is where it’s supposed to be in real time. 


Follow throughput time

By using Ponniste employee is easily able to mark tasks started and finished. In that way, You get the real information about time used on one specific task. 


Real time visualization

In visualization, the information about the states of the workstations is based on production layout. For example, it’s easy to see if there’s an error situation on a workstation or if there’s lack of work.


Easy quality reportage

With Ponniste you can easily collect the quality data from products and working environment. For example, You can use pictures, checklists and open forms to collect quality data you need.