Ponniste -
Digital solution for your production

Annoyed by slow and inoperative production?

Ponniste is a visualization and communication system that has been developed with the production workers. With Ponniste your company can reduce waste time and the workers can concentrate on productive work.

Minimize the waste time with Ponniste

Ponniste is a user-friendly software designed to improve the communication within the production. With Ponniste the company can visualize what's happening in the production and reduce the waste time. Ponniste can be used on mobile devices so the workers will always have the right information on their hands.

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For what kind of companies Ponniste is suitable for?

  • You are ready to stop reporting on paper.
    With digital reports the information is always available and on real time. This makes it faster to react on unexpected situations such as failures.

  • You´re not afraid to find out where your productions bottlenecks are.
    Ponniste creates a foundation to improve on for your production. With it you can follow throughput time more accurately and find out where the bottlenecks are.

  • You want to improve your production quality.
    With Ponniste, our customers have gained more information about the deviations in the production. Making deviation reports in Ponniste is significantly faster than on paper.

  • Industry examples
    Manufactruring, concrete, construction, property maintenace, cleaning and service.

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Filling a deviation form on mobile is easy and besides verbal information the worker can submit pictures. With the right kind of deviation process the company can improve the production and find out new ways to increase productivity.



Say goodbye to reporting on papers. Filling forms through Ponniste is effortless and you can make new forms within minutes.

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Say goodbye to reporting on papers. Filling forms through Ponniste is effortless and you can make new forms within minutes.



With Ponniste, everyone can report errors quickly to the management. This makes it faster for them to react to the error situations.



Ponniste lets you visualize the different stages in production. We have also done configurations for our customers regarding the visualization with order queues and machine data.

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With a proper safety reporting system the company can prevent accidents in the future. Effortless and versatile tools support within Ponniste support preventing the accidents.



With Ponniste you can track products or projects throughput time. Efficient and waste time can be calculated from the throughput time.



You can follow in real-time what is happening in your production. And by following the work log you can see how much of the time is efficient.



To prevent unnecessary errors it is crucial to keep the machine working. With Ponniste the workers can report needed maintenance. The maintenance will see the needed service, how urgent is the case and the scheduled maintenance.


As Collapicks customers we have received service that has beed insightful, needed and tailored for us.

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