Our passion is to digitalize Your company’s business and processes.

Mobile apps

Smartphones are an important part of our everyday life. The Potential of mobile applications has also been noticed in business world and the majority of companies want to offer their customers a possibility to use their services in mobile. Together we develop Android- and iOS -applications to boost your business.


Industrial internet

Demand of real time data and efficiency are in focus when talking about industrial internet. We are thriving to be on top of development by making mobile devices a part of industrial processes. With Ponniste your company can increase productivity and make the communication between workers more transparent.

Web services

For the websites to reach the full potential, they have to work perfectly on mobile devices. Applications should scale depending on which device is been used. Together we can develop responsive websites and complex web services for the end-user to enjoy.


Map applications

Map applications are convenient in a variety of situations. For instance when visualizing data, locating people and objects. We use open source to develop efficient map applications to be a part of your web services or mobile applications.